Ben H. Swett
Reston, VA
24 July 1992

Subject: Bob
Operator: Ben

Late in the session. Several entities attached to Bob have been found and rescued. Bob has been cleansed of dark residue and filled with light.

Bob: "I am in the light."

Ben: "Look within your self. What do you see?"

Bob: "Light. Brilliant white light."

Ben: "Can you see the source of that light?"

Bob: "Not really. It is all-encompassing. It surrounds me."

Ben: "Look all around inside your self and see what you find."

Bob: "Nothing is coming ..."

Ben: "Okay, is there anyone in there other than Bob?"

(via Bob) "Hello."

Ben: "What is your name?"

(via Bob) "Atman."

Ben: "Why are you with Bob?"

Atman: "I am here with him from Altea."

Ben: "What do you do?"

Atman: "I keep him company. He came for me. I returned with him. I am here to serve. He and I are one. I am he from a distant time. He joined me in flight. I returned with him. There are many others connected to him through me."

Ben: "Who do you serve?"

Atman: "Our Lord God."

Ben: "Look around you. What do you see?"

Atman: "I'm at a table in the administration room, with my administrators."

Ben: "Look up and tell me what you see."

Atman: "Light. There is no ceiling."

[When Atman said this, I suddenly realized there is a quick way to learn something important about any place in the astral realms: Does it have a floor, or a ceiling, or both, or neither? If it has only a floor, those who live there prefer the Light. If it has only a ceiling, those who live there prefer the darkness. If it has both, those who live there prefer the twilight. If it has neither, it may be a column for ascending and descending, or an amorphous area like Limbo, but not a place.]

[I called for angels to home in on this entity, and this administration room.]

Atman: "There are circles of light ... concentric circles of light coming toward me. I am surrounded by columns of light ... music ... wind ... the wind blows through the columns, through me. I'm rising into it."

Ben: "What are you perceiving?"

Atman: "The light is also music. And dancing. I am one with it now."

Ben: "I am asking for a person of the Light, a being of light, to come and speak with you." [I asked the Lord to send a personal representative, an ambassador, to this location.]

Ambassador: (via Bob) "Atman and people: I am a servant of God."

Atman: "We wait to condense at your bidding, Our Father."

Ambassador: "We have much to share in your time."

Atman: "You brought us forth. You brought us back. We wait for you to bring us forth again." [I received from the Lord: "Do so."]

Ben: "Atman, there is something you can do, if you will. Please look at those who are connected to Bob through you, and help them rise to the Light. There are angels here to assist in helping them rise."

[Atman directed the rescue teams to many, many, souls. I backed him up, if and as needed, and also called out to all those who could hear my voice, telling them of this opportunity to go home to the Light without penalty and without passing through darkness. Many went: I half-saw and felt them rising, brightening, and rejoicing as they rose.]

Ben: "Okay ... good. Now, if you would, please look around and see if there are any who have not risen, who are somehow stuck or unwilling to rise. Shine your light on them, so the angels can find them."

Atman: "Many are stuck. Andrija is stuck." [I felt a team of angels depart. They launched from my aura in the vicinity of my shoulders. This rather surprised me because I hadn't noticed them arrive.]

[Atman named more names so fast I couldn't copy them down on paper, and I felt one team after another depart.]

Atman: "Guru Maharaji is stuck; he is a parasite now." [I felt several more teams depart, in a series, like flights of aircraft launching, and thought: They must have found a bunch of secondary connections there.]

Atman: "Christopher is in shadow. Light can't reach him."

Ben: "Let the light shining on you flow down through your arm and hand. Point your arm and hand at Christopher to shine the light on him."

Atman: "Deflected."

Ben: (to the Lord) "Warriors, please." [Warrior angels arrived and departed: they always feel heavier, or stronger, than a people-rescue team.]

Atman: "Christine ... something dark." [Warrior angels went there on their own initiative, without being asked.]

Atman: "Paul and Janet ... they rise."

Ben: "Relax and rest for a moment. Go with them and watch them rise. See what happens to them."

[Bob's body relaxed, and he smiled more and more, as he and Atman relished the joyous home-coming of those two souls.]

Ben: "Yes, that is the payment, the natural reward, for this kind of work. You have done well. Many have been rescued. Stop now, and rest for awhile."

[After a little while, Bob's expression changed rather dramatically. His head sank down toward his chest, and he was frowning.]

(via Bob) "Acrilla is here."

Ben: "Why are you here?"

Acrilla: "I came with Atman."

Ben: "Who do you serve?"

Acrilla: "Atman."

Ben: "Part of the same soul cluster?"

Acrilla: "Yes."

Atman: "He is dark shadow of me. Not part of this."

[I tried to rescue Acrilla, but he withdrew and hid. I brought Bob back to normal consciousness and full control of his body. Then I asked the Lord for permanent assignment of a demon-rescue team to Atman, via the Lord's representative to him and his people, so they could rescue or convert Acrilla if and when he showed up again. I got the feeling they had already found him and bagged him up.]

Ben: (to Bob) "Well, Okay. I think we've done enough for this session."

Bob: "I hadn't heard the names Atman or Acrilla before. When Atman first showed up, I saw a throne, in surroundings like and not like this world. I have heard of Alteans -- radiant beings from Altea -- but I thought Altea was an idealized utopia and thus not a real place."

Ben: "I don't care where they come from. There are many, many astral realms -- whole worlds -- full of intelligent beings. All that matters to me is where they are on the spiritual spectrum: Are they kind, or selfish, or cruel? Do they know the Light? And if so, do they seek the Light, or ignore it, or try to hide from it? In this case, the answer is clear. Atman is a good spirit. He said he lives with no ceiling above him -- but I don't take an entity's word for that because some entities are liars. And he welcomed the Lord's representative -- but again, actions speak louder than words. Atman proved himself to me by working so hard to rescue souls. On the other hand, Acrilla isn't a good spirit: that was fairly obvious. So, we know there are both good and bad spirits in Altea -- which I think is a place in one of the astral realms -- just as there are both good and bad spirits on Earth."

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