Ben H. Swett
Reston, VA
14 August 1992

Subject: Bob
Operator: Ben

Late in the session. Bob is channeling a good spirit named Atman. I am working with teams of angels sent by Jesus at my request. The angel I call "Team Leader" is coordinating their work. We are doing a remote clean-up of Bob's ex-girlfriend, Heidi, and her two children, Brian and Lara.

Ben: "Atman, can you see Heidi, Brian, and Lara now?"

Atman (via Bob): "Yes, I can."

Ben: "How are they doing?"

Atman: "Appear fine. Shall I define it?"

Ben: "If you will, please."

Atman: "Heidi is empty without Bob."

Ben: "Team Leader, please fill the empty space in her with light and connect it to the Lord."

Atman: "She had placed this on Bob as if he were the Lord."

Ben: "Yes, transferring that connection frees Bob from trying to be God to her. With blessing, we release Heidi to the Lord himself. Look now to Brian. What do you find?"

Atman: "Sadness, confusion ... happiness, too. He has a natural joy of living. Tends to forget, though, and demands from others. When he forgets, he is from the Nine."

Ben: "Teams, please go to the Nine."

Atman: "They went."

[I felt several more squadrons of reinforcements arrive and immediately depart, and thought, "Hmm. The first ones to reach the Nine must have called for help."]

Atman: "Lara is there, too. She is strong. Has unbendable will. Great beauty and strength. Very self-contained. (pause) She is encapsulated. She has great cruelty."

Ben: "Teams, please remove all demons from Lara." [I half-saw what looked like a battle in the distance.]

Atman: "She fights. (pause) She is not all black. (pause) She is turned, but has the ability to re-turn. (longer pause) Her resilience is great. Heidi enables her, is overpowered by her. I see that Lara intended to come here. She used Heidi. She also uses Brian."

Team Leader (directly to me): "An old one has her. A female. Powerful."

Ben: "Lord, please send more warrior angels." [They arrived and immediately departed to join the others. I thought, "This is going to be a big battle..."]

Unsought guidance from the Lord (directly to me): "Please relinquish."

[I was surprised, but I knew what this meant. It was like an instructor pilot saying to a student pilot, "I've got it."]

Ben: "To all rescue teams now working with me: I'm turning this operation over to Jesus. From this point on, take your instructions directly from him. Atman, please observe. What are the angels doing with Lara now?"

Atman: "They are dancing around her. In a circle around her. She is playing, not fighting them. They are playing with her."

Ben: "Team Leader, are you dancing?"

Team Leader: "Not us. We're watching."

Ben: "Who is dancing? What's happening?"

Team Leader: "Jesus sent children. They are dancing and laughing and playing. The old one wants to play with them ... She goes with them ... They are rising."

Ben: "Thanks, Atman. Thanks, Team Leader. Bob, please close your connections. (pause) Return to normal consciousness. (pause) Take full control of your body."

[At this point I saw several warrior angels coming back to me on their way home. They seemed to be smiling and shaking their heads. I wondered why. One of them said, and they all agreed: "That just goes to show why Jesus is the Master and we are the troops."]

[I thought to myself: "That's why the Lord asked me to relinquish control of that operation to him. The Nine are old ones -- ancient gods and goddesses. He knows what to do with them, but I don't. As an old warrior, I would not have thought to send angel-children to play with an ancient goddess, but he did -- and it worked, without fighting and without making her fight. It is a better way."]

Ben: "I thank the Lord."

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