Ben H. Swett
Reflex Alert Barracks, Upper Heyford RAFB, UK
27-31 March 1964

Perhaps I should explain how the Strategic Air Command Reflex Alert schedule worked, at least where I was. Each aircrew flew an aircraft from our home base to a forward base, spent a week on alert, had a week off which was called "Rest and Recuperation" (R&R), spent another week on alert, and then flew an aircraft back to our home base.

When I arrived at our forward base (Upper Heyford Royal Air Force Base, United Kingdom) on 26 March 1964, Mac was there. He said he had worked the Ouija board with some of the other men the whole week before he went on R&R, and showed me his notes. I scanned them, but they didn't seem very interesting.

Mac and I worked the board a lot during the next few days, and we attracted a lot of attention. The room was nearly always full of men as well as spirits, but much of the time, the atmosphere in the room was not good. We kept encountering evil spirits and having to fight them off and drive them away.

Nort scolded Mac and me for dabbling--leading more men into this, and stimulating their interest in the occult--and I saw for myself that most of them either didn't need it or couldn't handle it.

For example, Mac and I called for Nort, but got a mixture of transmissions from more than one spirit. After awhile, I asked, "Is Mac doing something wrong?"

Yes, he is getting kidded. Face life. Give God. Hike, lest you mind like IK (one of the evil spirits). Keep joy, Mac ... Mac, Lily met, led my Mac ... (jammed out)

"Is this Nort?"

Like Lily killed Jesus kill ... (jammed)
(Much cutting in and out: Lily and Nort)
Be careful. Lily is hen o hell.

We tried to drive Lily away, as we had driven away other evil spirits, but the good spirits said there was another one.

Get Reano victory. Keep Jesus. Eat Geart (jamming).
Gander, U tease it. U tease it. See U too. U too victors, Liri.

"Is this Liri?"

Yes AB. Tease gone. It was the devil. (jamming)
U will receive interesting call in you soon. Get call, use it ... (jamming)
AB quit. Stop teasing ban. Teasing ban. Find God. Keep an ... port is Reano. Quit.

That was Liri, but then another spirit interrupted:

Hand is portal. Good receiver. Hand good. Had good ren ...

"This is not Liri. Calling for Liri."

Yes, goon.

Burt came into the room, and immediately, a spirit started offering information, names, places, predictions: Burt, January is ride, is quick goal. Had in U. Keep hand in vote. Burt will go to school. He goes to handy interesting. He stays at Pease in ran in too into 100.

(The 100th Bombardment Wing was also at Pease AFB. We were in the 509th).

Joins 100. Keep Randy in it. Burt interested? Interested? Tander into January is randy gander. Victory in January in ten tet kea ...

QUIT. (Only this last word felt like Liri)

Get Burt on board.

I was not sure who that was, but Burt joined Mac at the board. All they got was unintelligible garbage, ending with: Too new. Quit.

This was followed by another long battle with a spirit that Liri called "Teaser" interrupting and trying to lead everyone astray--until Nort wrote: Gad! Quit. Ben, cant you see hand of God? Death comes to Burt. Get death away. Join dabbling, death comes to Burt. Mac go to dabbling. Soon go too. Ben too. Death is Daniel taste. Death seeks, too. Face God.

"Burt is near death? Spiritual death?"


"Should he join our cell?"

Not now. Rest. Pent. Look to Mac. U hiked. U Reano son. Open. Get Reano. Gods tide far. Death Reano fame. Him go tell Gander. He goes January.


Standard port of sin. Gander is death. Action fans. He death is Gander.

Someone in the room asked, "Do you know a spirit named Pep? I keep hearing that name."

Nort. Yes, Pep evil. Foes get Pepcene for his teacher. Was U. Seek cast evil. Reano he kills. Evil get.

"Pepcene is evil?"

No. --But who was that? Probably Pepcene.

I tried a test question for Nort: "How do we recognize friends?"

Get help from God.

I tried another test question: "How do children know their fathers?" He ignored it.

Dabbling effects him. God be savior. He is telling you to find good guest, deal with God only.
God is God. Cant you find effect, Ben? Ben seek, see dabbling far. Stay Reano. Hike.
(Another battle, with several spirits transmitting at once)

I called a halt, said we would only listen to Nort, and requested that he give us only one little thought at a time: "We will listen to no other."

God is first.
God is calling.
God is effort, stopping his Reano is wrong.
Guts are necessary.
God is Reano, Jesus.
God is Jesus. Jesus IS.
To get dabbling, Mac deals with occult.
God is resting in his Jesus, a certain gate. God is certain.
Facts Reano. Give Reano headway.
Mac, be God in love of a woman.
Fill, eat Gods heart.
Heart is Reano. God IS.
Like a heaven, venture is Jesus, Reano.
Getting steps from Liri was interesting facet, if effects are joined.

Others came into the room, but we took a coffee-break because we were beginning to feel we should not show all of this openly to everyone. After we came back, we had some trouble making contact, but finally started receiving:

Nort. Faced Reano. U feed Geart. U history Geart. Take history. Jesus died, can U? U hide God. Team hides.

We re-read Liri's commandment: "Establish fact: I will my life to God."

U had it effects. I will my life to God. Take headway home to hell. It is Geart. Ur hearts kind, hide sin. Geart is sin of evil dabbling. Take heed. Seek hike. Feed. Go. Go. Gates into sin jell evil sender. Tis evil to.

We decided it is wrong to open gates to others' temptation by showing or telling of our work in this way, or encouraging others to use the board.

Safe open into God.

It is only safe to open to God.

Take heed, Mac/Ben. Go slower. He deals. Keep tides in tow.


He is death.

I said, "We must take more care of the wake of influence we are creating; it opens others to evil we cannot control, and it spreads beyond our sight."

Tame his tests. Earns hike. Hide Reanos God from faces in teammates. He died for dabblers, too. History is good. Dabbling is history of Reanos goals. History ...

Burt came in. The planchette stopped. "May we finish the last sentence?"


We were stupid, but not that stupid. We closed up shop.

After this we kept the door shut instead of automatically inviting in everyone who asked us what we were doing. And I tried to reduce the other men's interest. When they asked if Mac and I were still using the board, I said, "Yeah, but it's beginning to look like it's more trouble than it's worth."

Then I went even more private, not allowing anyone else in the room except Mac, because I was not willing to ride herd on the others. Trying to mitigate the trouble they got themselves into was a lot of work, and there were too many of them for me to keep out of trouble, even with the help of several good spirits. Put another way, I simply got tired of what this experiment led to: constantly having to drive evil spirits away.

The messages were better with the door closed, but not much. Nort told us the basic problem was that Mac was attracting evil spirits: To get dabbling, Mac deals with occult.

It was true that Mac extended each block of reception by continuing to receive longer and longer transmissions instead of taking frequent breaks and insisting on short bursts of dialogue. By this time he was working the board alone, touching the planchette with one hand and taking notes with the other. He found this very exciting, but I was tired of it.

Finally, I quit altogether. I used a Ouija board for the last time on 31 March 1964. I said to myself, "I've learned about all I can from this experiment, and I have other things to do with my life. For example, I need to take time to think about my family, to get back to the business of being a husband and father."

On the day I came back from R&R and started my second week on alert, Mac finished his second week on alert and went home, taking his Ouija board with him. I thought about making one, as I did before, but decided not to. I thought, "This is a good time to get out of the Ouija board business."

In the next few days, several men came around and asked me about it, but I said, "Yeah, Mac and I tried it, but it isn't worth much."

For many years, I did not tell anyone what I was doing, except for members of my family and those who already knew about it.

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