Ben H. Swett
Richmond, VA
4 July 1990

During a detachment session with a psychiatric nurse and one of her patients, I learned something that explains much of what I have found in the spiritual universe, and especially the priority of the two great commandments.

Subject Robert
Operator Ben
Sensitive Joan

(Late in the session. Robert had channeled many of the spirits attached to him.)

Ben (To the remaining attached spirits): All right, look up and move up. Release Robert. Release anything else that's holding you, and head for the light. This is your chance. Move up now.

Tommy (via Robert): I'm going.

Ben: One thing before you go. Look around and see if there are others standing or watching or coming. Tell them what I just told you.

Tommy: There are others out there. I see two ladies, a man, another man come try to pull on Sarah, a little girl, a young girl.

Ben: All of you look up and . . .

Tommy: But they can't come with me. They're not with me. I can see them there.

Ben: Just simply tell them this is their chance.

Tommy: I told them that: "You better come."

Ben: That's it. This is their chance.

Tommy: You better come. But they can't come. I don't know why. They're like behind a kind of invisible curtain.

Ben: Okay.

Tommy: They not mine. They don't belong to Robert.

Ben: All right. That's fine. They can go too.

Tommy: Can I bring Bobby with me there?

Ben: Sure.

Tommy: Bobby, come on. Richard don't want to come. I asked him.

Ben: We'll worry about Richard later.

Tommy: And then, why, David doesn't want to come. David's trying to pull somebody. David, come on! This is the last chance.

Ben: You got it. Look up.

Tommy: I'm going to the light. I'm drifting. I'm floating up. Oh, boy, I feel like something is pressing through me.

Ben: Somebody coming through you?

Tommy: Yeah! David doesn't want to come all the way, though. I must leave him, somewhere . . . It is beautiful!! Looks like angels! Floating! Hundreds of them!

Ben: Okay.

Tommy: Hundreds!

Ben: Reach out to them. Hundreds?

Tommy: Yeah! There's one coming now. Now there's one that's coming a little closer to me.

Ben: Do you know this one?

Tommy: No. So peaceful, and they smile. They take Bobby. He gone. Now it's my turn!

Ben: Okay.

Tommy: BYE!!

Ben: Bye! God bless you.

Joan Bye!

Ben: The rest of you, standing around and watching, time to head home, time to move up.

Robert: What?

Ben: Move up, move up, time to move up.

Robert: What's going on? (He has been out of it, channeling all these entities.)

Joan: You just blanked out. Some of them are leaving. Tommy just left.

Robert: Who else is there?

Joan: Bobby just left.

Ben: The rest of you that have been standing around and watching, have you noticed a couple, a few folks, go home?

? (via Robert) Yeah!

Ben: That's a chance for you too. Just head up. Before you go, turn and invite anybody that's standing around and watching. Say, "Come on, this is our chance. It's time to rise up, go home to the light, without punishment, without passing through darkness. There is no punishment in the light." See? Time to go home. Rise up. Call those around you and say, "Let's go. Look at the angels come to help you, come to help lift you up."

? Somebody's fighting.

Ben: Whatever you're fighting, let go of it.

? Richard is fighting with somebody. It's not a man.

Joan: Is it Sarah?

? That's a fight! The other man's in the light half and Richard is in the dark half. They're fighting. Richard, stop fighting Ben.

Ben: Let's put on a box of light. Ah, troops, light squares--box up Richard.

? They're still fighting.

Ben: Reinforcements, please. (They find him.)

? Richard is trapped. He can't go nowhere now.

Ben: That's right.

? They stopped fighting. Now he's just floating down toward this old lady. There's two little small kids trying to call him.

Ben: Two little kids?

? Yeah!

Ben: Okay, watch the two little kids. (pause) Lord, we call for nurturing angels, motherly nurturing angels to the two little children.

David: Richard's ... don't let the kids ... watch him! O-kay. Richard will, I'll protect them. I can handle them, Okay? I'm gonna stay with Robert, protect him, Okay?

Ben: No.

David: I am. I must protect him, and Joan.

Ben: No, we're going to replace you with a large guardian angel to protect Robert.

David: No. I don't trust no one. I'm going to stay. Robert saved my life. I'm not going nowhere.

Ben: You're going to the light, or you're going to be encapsulated.

David: Robert rescued me. Robert made it possible for me to escape. He got shot trying to rescue me. I'm not leaving Robert.

Ben: Remember who you are.

David: I'm not leaving Robert. Get away. (quiet, apologetic) Sorry. Sorry. I'm not going. I'm not going. I'm sorry.

Ben: Team leader, box him up.
It's not fair for you to stay, even though Robert saved your life. It's not fair for you to stay and bother him, draw energy from him. That's no favor. The best favor you can do Robert is go home to the light, free, and be happy. That's what he wants. That's what's good for you. That's what's required.

David: I will not go. Not yet. They need me. I'm not going yet. Richard's still around. I must stay here.

Ben: Richard's in a box.

David: I can see Richard. He's just floating out there, but he's still there. I can always defeat Richard. I don't trust him with, Robert with, no one else. I will not let him go.

Ben: Rescue team, move in on that one please. Explain to him.

David: I see somebody coming for me. Who's that coming for me, Ben?

Ben: It's an angel.

David: I don't want to talk to him.

Ben: This is your chance.

David: I don't want to go. I'm not going.

Ben: You're not going to be allowed to stay.

David: I'm not going. I'm going to call Richard back.

Ben: Richard's not going to be allowed to stay either.

David: If he stays, I'll stay.

Ben: Neither one of you are going to be allowed to stay.

David: There's more than two of us. There's more people down there. I can see them. There's more. They don't look like people, though. You know that?

Ben: What do they look like?

David: Oh, figures. Shadows.

Ben: Shadows?

David: Yeah.

Ben: Team? Rescue team? (contact) Rescue team . . . go for the shadows.

Robert: What? (He pops back from channeling again.)

Joan: Hi, Robert.

Ben: Put a bubble of light around Robert and this whole cluster. Let it be converted into a column of light, so angels can descend straight down into it, and scarf up everything it's storing.
(Team Leader: What do you want taken?)
(Leader: Okay. Take this one to the side?)
Yes, take him out of the column. Now I need light workers to start sealing off some of these connections. (Saw them severing dark connections) All right ... Robert, are you there?

Robert: Yeah, am I here? . . . I don't know. My head feels like it's in Albuquerque.

Joan: Do you want some aspirin?

Ben: Something you need to be doing--I speak to the soul of Robert--you need to be releasing these connections, so these guys can go to the light, the ones you saved, all the rest of your buddies. We've got troops here to help them up, so you need to release your end of the connections. We've got light workers severing some. Some you need to let go of so they can be freed. Just turn them loose. Say, "Godspeed. See you later in the light."

Robert: Godspeed. See you later in the light.

Ben: Let them go. Just release them. Let them go.

Robert (sigh): I release you.

Ben: The angels are helping them out, see?

Robert: No.

Ben: Okay, take a look up and see what's going on. You can rise up some, too. Without leaving your body, you can rise up toward the light. I ask for light workers to run a pipe of light to Robert. Fill him with light.

(A side conversation at this point has been deleted here.)

Ben (To the attached spirits): Okay. When you're ready to go, and just before you go, turn and pass the word to any others you see around you. There's no punishment in the light. Go on home. Get cleaned up. Rest in the light. When you're ready to try again, you may. Yeah, it beats hanging around here. (One of them said that.)
Okay, I ask for counselors to be assigned to Richard and David. Talk to them. Keep them caged. Keep them boxed. Rig communications through the box.

Joan: David is saying "A bubble. Not a cage!"

Ben: All right. Fair enough. Not a cage. David, the bubble around you is not a cage. It is for your protection as well. Watch. I ask the team to rig a light pipe to David's bubble and fill it with light and joy.

David: (via Joan, a big sigh)

Ben: Remember who you are, David. Remember who you were before you came into this world. See? Not so bad. Okay, fill his space with light please. Remove any dark ones from him. Let the light heal him. Fill, strengthen. (Pause) How's that, David?

Robert: He's gone. This is Robert. I don't know.

Ben: Okay. You've got him blocked. Good.

Joan: I'm with David.

Ben: Good. Stay that way, Robert. What's happened is, I've asked light workers to close off a batch of connections to these other entities, and you perceive that as being blocked. That's good. That gives you a little privacy. Look, your body doesn't have to be public property.

Joan: (laughing)

Ben: That's your space. (pause) Joan, are you perceiving David?

Joan: Yeah. He's in ... it's a big pink bubble. That word, "cage" was awful for him. He's still real scared. He's afraid I'm gonna cut him off after he did so much to help ME.

Ben: Okay. (Input from Team Leader: This is a good one.)

Joan: And he's screaming, "Don't let ... don't abandon me!"
(Joan: I remember feeling panic here, but my voice sounds real calm.)

Ben: We're not going to abandon you, David.

Joan: I can't give him a clear answer because I'm still worrying.
(Joan: even as I type this, three days later, I feel the emotion.)

Ben: Okay, David, we're not going to cut you loose. We're going turn you over to somebody who's more dependable than we are, somebody that's safer than we are. And I'll call an angel to David now.

David: (via Joan, a big sigh)

Ben: Look to the bright one who has come to you, David. (pause) See him? (pause) Reach out your hand.

David: I still can't complete, I can't altogether let go (worried voice). Robert and Joan. I know you're telling me to, but I'm too terrified.

[At this point, I was stuck. Unsought, I received a mental picture of two hands holding between them something that looked like a thin white cord or thread. The hands moved apart: the thread was elastic. I received the words, The connection will stretch. However, at first I misinterpreted that message.]

Ben: Okay. Then what you need to do is let your connection to them become elastic, so that they can rise into the light. You don't have to come off.

David: I don't?

Ben: You don't have to come off. Just let the caring connection stretch so they can go to the light.

David: I thought you were telling me that I . . .

Ben: Let it stretch. See how elastic it is.

David: But I can still get back to them if I need to?

Ben: You can but you shouldn't, because that will draw them back. Kind of like a rubber band, like a rubber connection.

David: I don't understand what you're saying, Ben. It . . .

Ben: Okay. Think about a balloon on a string. The balloon wants to rise but the string's holding it back.

David: Um-hm.

Ben: Let the string stretch. You don't have to cut it. Let the string stretch so they can go to the light, get cleaned up.

David: Who?

Ben: Those that you're . . .

David: No, I'm holding on to Robert and Joan. They're with you.

Ben: Who am I speaking to?

David: David. In the bubble.

Ben: David. Okay.
(Input from the Lord: The other end.)
Well, you can let your end of it stretch, so you can go to the light and get cleaned up. Then you can be more help to them than you are here in the gloom.

David: Are you sure? How can I help them? That's what I'm afraid I'm not going to, I'm going to get cut off from them completely, forever.

Ben: Okay. When you're in the light . . .

David: I love them.

Ben: Yes. Yes! But that love is elastic. It can stretch.

David: (sigh)
(Joan: I felt tears starting here.)

Ben: Here's what'll happen. Let your connection stretch so you go up into the light. When you're in the light, cleaned up, strengthened, then with the Lord's authority, with the authorization of the Lord, you can act as an angel to them.

David: (awe) I can?

Ben: Yeah. Check it out. Look at the angels around you. Many of them were people once.

David: So, let me see if I got this right. Um, I can go up there, and I can get stronger myself . . .

Ben: Yes.

David: . . . or holier or whatever words you guys use. And, and, but I can still help them if they need my help.

Ben: Yes.

David: I don't want to cling to them all the time. I want to be there if they need me.

Ben: Good. Good. Yes, you may.

David: I told them this morning I was going to stay around for a while, to help them.

Ben: Okay, but now ask one of the angels around you to explain it, how it works. (pause) They'll tell you.

David: (sigh)

Ben: See? Love is real elastic. Love reaches between heaven and earth, between the light and here. And when you're in the light, then you can receive guidance and strength and help, and be a much better help to them than if you stay here in the gloom.

David: Um (sigh).

Ben: See how it works?

David: (crying) Yeah. He's telling me that I really can let go of them. It was so awful.
(sniffing. crying). I'm going up.

Ben: Good.

Joan: Just slowly and easily. Nobody's going to do anything to hurt.

Ben: Nobody's going to hurt you.

David: No guns? (Joan: This was a question, looking for reassurance).

Ben: No guns.

David: No knives?

Ben: No knives. No injury. No pain. No shrapnel. Nothing like that.

David: (sobbing)

Ben: Just light and joy. (pause) Good to be free.

David: (crying and laughing) Will I still be smart?

Ben: Yeah, we don't give up anything we've won, or learned.

David: (laughing and crying) I was so pissed off `cause I couldn't use those degrees! (laughing) I just keep going up slowly. You're getting farther away. Joan and Robert are farther away, but there's, it's what he said, there's that connection.

Ben (Also seeing it as a white elastic cord): Caring-connection.

David: Yeah. There's a mathematical connection with Joan too.

Ben: Yeah. See? It stretches.

David: (Big sigh. Tears streaming.)

Ben: Add light to this one please. Wash away the residue. Clean, and healthy, and free. Now it stretches (long pauses here).

Joan: David is gone.

Ben: God bless you, David. We appreciate your caring. When you're strengthened, you can help many. There's good work for people like you.

(End of tape)


Since this session, I have helped many souls who were bound to earth by their love for someone still in a body. I already knew that love is a magnetic force--that we are automatically attracted to whoever or whatever we love or desire or want or crave (the law of attraction)--but I did not know that caring-connections can stretch in spiritual space like an elastic thread.

Since then, I have also found souls, not otherwise earth-bound, tied down by their love for other disembodied souls who were tied down by earthly desires.

For example, I helped rescue the ghost of an Army Colonel who had helped people all of his life. (He saved several men's lives as a Captain in the Korean War.) But he was tied down by his caring-connections to many incarnate and discarnate souls. He had not released them because he deemed himself a rescuer, and the sum total of those connections were stronger than the pull of his love for God. He would not rise until he saw that his caring-connections to them could stretch.

This is why "Love God supremely" is the first commandment, and "Love your neighbor as yourself" is the second commandment. Those whose love for God is stronger than all their other loves combined automatically go to God, but those whose love for their neighbors is stronger than their love for God automatically go to their neighbors.

Thus, in theory, at least, in accordance with the law of attraction, the direction that a soul tends to move in spiritual space could be computed as the vector-sum of all that soul's attractions.

Since my session with Joan and Robert, many caring discarnates have benefitted from being told:

Look, there's a thin, thread-like connection between you and the one you love. Do you see it?
(They almost always do.) Now move up a little, toward the light, and notice what happens. See? The connection will stretch. (They are often amazed.) Do you know what that means? It means you don't have to wait and hang around here in order to help the ones you love. You can rise up to the light without severing your connections. You can let all those connections stretch. When you're in the light, you will be cleaned up, and receive guidance and strength and support, so you can help them better. And you can still find them by following your connection back to them--wherever they may be--as long as you care enough to do so. And then, as each of them dies, you can go to them and help them rise to the light. See? That's how your love is supposed to work.

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