Ben H. Swett
Temple Hills, MD
27 July 1989

To begin the first detachment session with my son, Scott, I went through the steps of two-way prayer, called on the Lord for blessing and guidance, and asked him to assign a rescue team of his angels. Then I asked the rescue team leader to set up for a light-screen operation. When the team leader said they were ready, I asked Scott's permission to proceed. He gave his permission. The angels began to screen his spiritual body to see what they could find.

(Part of the session is omitted here.)

When the light-screen got down to the area of Scott's diaphragm or solar plexus, it encountered resistance. I asked the team leader, "What is it?"

Team Leader (directly to me): An entity. Intelligent. Not evil.

"Should it be removed?"

Cannot be removed until Scott releases it.

I told Scott what the team leader said.

Scott mentally released the entity. He said, "I noticed tears running down my face, but felt no emotion."

The entity was taken to one side, to be dealt with later.

(The rest of the light-screen operation is omitted here.)

As we went back over the notes to tidy up any loose ends, I asked, "What about the entity Scott released earlier? Scott to relay answer. What is your name?"

A little-bitty voice said (via Scott): Stacey.

I was surprised. That was the name of his cat who died in 1988. "Are you a cat?"


"Were those tears your sadness at being separated from Scott? (No response). You can wait for him in the Light. That would be better for you and for him."

Happy here.

I asked the Lord, "Should she go?" and received, No, she can stay with him, but not within him. Then I explained that to Stacey and asked if she understood.


So I asked the team to find and remove any dark ones from Stacey, and got the impression they found a few--two semi-intelligent, plus some elementals. Then I asked them to cleanse any dark residue from her, place her close to but not within Scott's spiritual body, and make sure she was connected to him.

Team Leader (directly to me): Already done.

I said, "Blessings, Stacey," and asked her how she felt about this arrangement.

It's Okay. You were good to me.

At this moment I received a swift mental image of Stacey walking toward me to be petted, in my office in the basement of our house, and understood she was saying that I was good to her when she visited us. I was impressed that even a dead cat remembers and is grateful for the good done to her, and suddenly realized this is what Jesus meant when he said, "Lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven." Our treasure is laid up as gratitude in the karmic memories of those we have helped.

I asked her, "Are you happy about this situation?"

Scott said he got a sense of her getting used to it, and that her fear was just that she would be sent away. She was content to be close to him and connected to him.

Later, Scott reported feeling that Stacey is close at hand, easy to visualize. He had not had that before this session.

A few days later, while reviewing this session, I noticed the opinion expressed by the rescue team leader--one of the Lord's angels--concerning the disembodied soul of a cat: "An entity. Intelligent. Not evil." I thought to myself, "Yes, that was an accurate appraisal, but a lot of people sure have a lot to learn about animals."

I asked the Lord, "How did Stacey get imbedded in Scott's spiritual body?"

Inadvertently. His grief over her death was an opening. She snuggled too close. That's all.

"Why was she allowed to stay with him, instead of going to the Light?"

She loves him. Does not draw energy from him. Not a parasite. She blesses him, sends her energy to him. And as she said, she is happy with him. Heaven for her. And also good for him. Such we do not separate.

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