Ben H. Swett

Memorial Day -- A presentation of what I remember on Memorial Day and why. (2016-05)

New Testament Chronology -- A paper on when and where and by whom the books of the New Testament were written. (2012-05)

Kerrang Interview -- An interview for Kerrang Radio "The Night Before, with Nick Margerrison" that explores several aspects of spirituality. (2007-12)

Interview -- Fifteen questions by Rene Mueller, Webmaster of SpiritWeb. It took me 5 years to boil my answers down to 16 pages. (2005-07)

Bless A Drunk -- A spiritual experiment in a crowded street. (2004-07)

What About Abstinence? -- Some moral instructions are based on facts and given by those who truly care about the health and happiness of the recipient of the instructions. (1999-02)

Potamiaena -- An ancient love story that indicates one of the reasons why early Christianity spread and grew so rapidly, and even more rapidly in times of persecution. (1998-12)

State Church Of The Roman Empire -- A summary chronology of the Fourth Century (300-400 AD) assembled from many sources in search of answers to my question: "What happened to Christianity between the Sermon on the Mount and the Spanish Inquisition? How did the teachings of Jesus become so completely reversed in Christian practice?" (1998-05)

The Didache (The Teaching) -- English translation of an ancient document that contains some very early Christian doctrines, with my comments, cross-references, and content-context analysis. This translation of the Didache is not copyrighted. (1998-01)

The Last Word -- Testimony by a Dutch organist. He spoke for millions of Christians. (1997-06)

Louie the Cat -- A reality test of spirit detachment, with independent confirmation of the results. (1996-02)

Rescue of Some Good Souls Who Thought They Were Bad -- Wherein a compassionate man helped some Catholic souls to Heaven, out of a situation in which they were stuck. (1995-11)

Near Death Experience: An Introductory Sampler -- Includes some examples from books, plus comparable testimony by people known to those present when I gave this paper. (1993-02)

Because We Have Seen Him -- Perhaps the availability of open testimony such as this is one of the reasons why First Century Christians did not fear death or weep and wail at funerals. (1992-08)

Leadership Seminar -- Condensed from a one-day seminar for Civil Service employees who were eligible for promotion to supervisory positions. (1981-03)

UFOs Over Washington, DC, in 1952 -- Multiple simultaneous sightings (radar and visual) that led to the launch of F-94 interceptor aircraft from Dover AFB, Delaware, plus a first-person report by one of the F-94 pilots. (1952-07)

Betty & Barney Hill -- My involvement with the people in the UFO abduction case that was later reported in John Fuller's book The Interrupted Journey and the TV movie The UFO Incident. (1963-09)

Morihei Ueshiba In New Hampshire ? -- Why I believe he gave an Aikido demonstation at Pease Air Force Base (1958-1962).